Man Jadda Wajada Khat Kaligrafi

Man Jadda Wajada Khat Kaligrafi

“Man jadda wajada, wa man zara’a hasoda.”

Maksudnya, sesiapa yang berusaha maka dialah yang akan mendapatnya, sesiapa yang bercucuk tanam maka dialah yang akan menuainya.

This is one of Arabic’s saying that my father used to tell me, and this is actually his favourite one. Whenever I feel bad about my progress in life, or exams, or I feel hesitate about future, he would always say those words to me.

I do feel that most of us have things in mind which sometimes could not be clarified with words. Our hardship which sometimes could easily bring us down. Or hard situations which we face in our ‘checkpoint’ in life which we believe none would face the same that he/she would understand what we are going through.

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